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Here are some testimonials from some of my amazing clients and students.

I stumbled upon Kathryn coming from another herbalist who I felt just wasn’t right for me. With Kathryn, there were instant positive vibes! Kathryn has been an unexpected angel in my life.
I came to her after having debilitating menstrual cramps for 15 years. I had tried many, many things and nothing had worked. I was told by a male doctor that this type of pain for periods was normal, even though it prevented me from doing anything the first day of my period and I was in so much pain I would self-harm at times.

Kathryn’s solutions were not only blissfully simple—they worked! My last three periods have been virtually pain-free. It feels like a miracle. I now feel as though I don’t have to resent my womanhood for causing me such pain every month.

My partner and I don’t want to conceive, so I’ve also worked with Kathryn to learn the FAM. Having no prior knowledge of this method, it was a definite struggle at first. Kathryn was extremely patient and gentle with me. She didn’t “force” anything and let me come to the method under my own terms and allowed me the space I needed to learn and grow.

I can’t express how happy my partner and I both are that I’ve found Kathryn. We now have a completely natural form of birth control that we both feel secure using, thanks to her guidance. Her knowledge extends far beyond reproductive health and we’ve been working together to address some other health concerns of mine as well.

She has been the highest of blessings and I look forward to working with her for years to come.

Jen from Maryland

Working with Kathryn has been such a gift in my life. I first contacted her because I wanted to stop taking contraceptives, which I’d been on for several years to treat my PCOS. From the very beginning, she has guided me and helped me with valuable advice and insight. It’s been a beautiful process which included getting off the pill while simultaneously incorporating her much needed recommendations into my daily life. Now that I’m off the pill and following Kathryn’s advice, I experience zero PCOS symptoms such as acne, and my cycles are regular! I recently had an ultrasound which showed no cysts in my ovaries!!! And all this within only a few months!

Kathryn is genuinely passionate about helping women be healthy. Even without having a specific health issue to discuss with her (such as PCOS or pregnancy issues), I think women can learn a lot from her. I took part in her online Fertility Awareness course, and it was very eye-opening, to say the least!! I would HIGHLY recommend her to every single woman out there.

Despina from Greece

I came to one of Kathryn’s classes somewhat skeptical, but with hopes of learning more about listening to my body and about natural ways of conceiving. I work in the medical field, and had a hard time understanding why everything I had learned was not working. My husband and I had been unsuccessful at trying for two years and I knew that it was time for a change, that I needed to step back from Western medicine.

From the moment I met Kathryn, I realized what an amazing person she is. She has an enormous amount of knowledge and was more than willing to share it so that all women can know and understand what amazing things our bodies are capable of. Within a few short months, we were able to discover some things that doctors never could. She helped me realize that not all answers are in a textbook. With her help, I have obtained better emotional well being and am now awaiting the arrival of my first child!

Amanda from Pennsylvania

Kathryn’s extensive knowledge of FAM, herbalism, and women’s fertility has been an amazing blessing in my life. Having someone to work with me in a personal and individualized way has taken the stress out of charting and gotten me back on track both physically and emotionally. Without Kathryn’s help and support I am convinced I would have completely given up hope of every having a child of my own.

I started working with Kathryn after eight months of frustration and despair. I thought I knew what was wrong and what I needed, but after just one meeting with Kathryn it was obvious that without her help I never would have been able to achieve hormonal balance and emotional peace on my own. In just a few short weeks I started to see amazing results and my health and fertility have continued to improve in the months since that first phone call. Her insights and support have taken the stress out of my situation and helped me to achieve physical and emotional balance throughout this journey.

When I was first referred to Kathryn, I felt physically and emotionally broken. Everything I had tried up to that point only added more stress. Kathryn’s gentle guidance and extensive knowledge have helped me to not only balance my hormones and regulate my cycles, but have also helped to relieve the stress of charting. Kathryn is my “go-to” person for all questions related to women’s reproductive health and herbalism. I’d be lost without her.

Sarah from New York

I highly recommend Kathryn to any woman who wants to resolve reproductive health concerns safely, intelligently and naturally. Thanks to Kathryn’s instruction, encouragement and guidance, I learned how to heal, as well as foster respect and patience for my own body. Kathryn combines great strength of character with an attuned sensitivity and in depth knowledge of the female reproductive system. Please contact her, as I did; it has proven to be one of the best choices I made for my health.

Maria from Italy


I did not approach Kathryn’s course from either of the usual standpoints: trying to avoid pregnancy or trying to conceive. I was merely trying to figure out my moon, which had been extremely problematic my whole life. What ended up transpiring through the class was something very beautiful and surprising. I became comfortable with being a woman. I had never liked the fact that I was a woman and for the first time in my life I came to understand it, cherish it, and become friends with it.

Amazing things happened with my cycle as well. Charting did not miraculously fix it; it instead pointed out that there was nothing wrong with my cycle to begin with. It allowed me to get to know my body in ways that I never had and understand what my body was asking for. As I learned I began to give my body just what it needed. It completely changed my relationship with my moon and my body. It gave me a sense of pride to be a woman now. It has also changed my relationship with women. Now that I am able to love being a woman I can love other women in a way that I could not before.

Amy from New Mexico

Kathryn has been helping me resolve some health concerns. She is thoughtful, knowledgeable, and patient. I had a few follow-up concerns, and she addressed those as well. Her suggestions have helped me a lot – I have been following an elimination diet, and I feel so much better! I am grateful for her encouragement and advice, and I would recommend her to anyone.

Jessica from New York.


I contacted Kathryn after I experienced recurrent miscarriages. We talked via Skype and she was a very attentive and engaging listener. She didn’t judge me or make me feel like I needed to defend my choices, and gave me easy, concrete suggestions. I was soon making herbal infusions and bone broth, and I’ve never looked back! The skills and knowledge she shared with me were valuable, not only in getting and staying pregnant (which I did), but for my life going forward, and isn’t that what healing is all about?

Emily from South Carolina

As a professional birth servant and mother of six, it is presumed that I must know everything about cycles and female biology. But even highly trained professionals are NOT aware of the complex and beautiful details of the female reproductive system beyond textbook anatomy. We are taught what a common cycle looks like and told all else is pathological. Kathryn delves deeper into the wealth of information and insight your body is ready to share with you about so, so, so much more than simply identifying your fertile days. Fertility Awareness teaches you how to be the expert on your body. With Kathryn’s guidance, you will become a responsible and loving steward of your own body.

Justine from Pennsylvania

I am so excited to announce that I successfully warded off my migraines! I was extremely skeptical about the whole thing. I did not even understand how these herbs would help, knowing how bad my headaches could get. Well, Wednesday afternoon, I started to feel terrible. Instead of the headache beginning in the morning like it usually does, it came on in the afternoon. I went to work on my tinctures and decoctions. A few hours later, I couldn’t believe that the headache was completely gone. Not just “faded” or “kept at bay” but like, not even there anymore. And do you want to know what shocked me so much? I went to bed, fell asleep very easily, and had an incredibly deep, restful sleep. I am amazed.

Maggie from New York

Kathryn’s Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) training is the perfect introduction to this essential women’s health practice. All of the confusing information and disconnecting experiences you had in high school health class disappear and you’re left with a empowered knowledge about your body and well-being. After her course, I felt confident in charting and understood clearly each phase of my cycle and ways to interpret my charts. The course was a perfect balance of in-depth information on reproductive anatomy/science and holistic wellness information for fertility, conscious conception and contraception. Kathryn’s decade of working experience and wisdom is invaluable, she’s an incredible resource for women – I highly recommend her!

Claire from Oklahoma

I grew up in a family where Dad was boss and Mom didn’t get the respect she deserved. This took a terrible toll on my self-esteem directly related to my gender. Being a part of Thunder Moon Springs Lodge helped me heal and feel empowered and happy.

Kathryn is a phenomenal leader. She is gentle and loving yet also powerful and confident. She is an inspiration to so many people. She exposes her soul fearlessly. This encourages us to do the same. We express strengths and weaknesses, joy and sorrow, shining light on issues so that we can help each other overcome. I have met so many awesome women that I would have probably never met if it weren’t for this group. The way we support each other, both at the lodge and outside of the lodge, is incredible.

Suzy from Pennsylvania

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